Other Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases

Our immune systems are designed to respond to injury and foreign matter. So, when healthy tissue is mistakenly attacked, the best response that scientific research has come up with is to broadly suppress the immune system. However, this sweeping approach can leave patients open to infection of all kinds and side effects that are sometimes worse than the autoimmune response. Because we are taking a more targeted approach to inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, we believe we can correct the body’s inappropriate response to its own tissue while leaving healthy immune functions intact.
Vercirnon is a Phase III-ready drug candidate for the potential treatment of patients with moderate-to-severe Crohn’s disease.Learn More
CCX507 is a second-generation inhibitor of the chemokine receptor known as CCR9 for the potential treatment of ulcerative colitis.Learn More
Activated Th17 cells isolated from chronically inflamed human tissues produce high levels of the chemokine receptor known as CCR6.Learn More